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• Shadowcon XXII

• Jan 5th & 6th, 2018

This is the hotel where it all began. We have come home.

• Clarion Hotel

• 2007 S Service RD.

• West Memphis, AR 72301

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We love us some gamin'.

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It wouldn’t be ShadowCon without gaming!

There will be a LAN party with all of your favorite network games available so you can crush the other con goers. Though, if you plan to play, you’ll probably want to bring your own computer and plug into the LAN. Besides, it’s always better to lay the smackdown with your own box.

There will also be many tables of roleplaying going on. The number of games is not yet set, but gaming will be scheduled in four-hour blocks:

Friday 6p-10p
Friday 10p-2a
Saturday 8a-12p
Saturday 1p-5p
Saturday 6p-10p

We'll have lots and lots of gaming room. You can expect to see some AD&D, Star Wars, Paranoia, Call of Cthulu, tons of miniatures games, and more!

And did someone say LARP? I think they did!

Last but not least, you can also expect to see some board games like Chess and Settlers of Cataan, and some card games like Munchkin and Flux. If there is enough interest, there may even be a tournament! Who wouldn’t want the title The Supreme MegaMunchkin of ShadowCon!?

If you have any interest in gaming at ShadowCon, feel free to scope out our

And feel free to sign up at our

Finally, if you are interesting in running a game, you can

Submit a Game


ShadowCon XXII
January 5th & 6th, 2018


Free T-Shirt with pre-registration!

Until Dec 21, $30 Weekend
Children ages 6-12 are half price
Children 6 and under are free

Friday ONLY daytrip $25
Saturday ONLY daytrip $25
Weekend at the Door: $35


Clarion Hotel and Convention Center
2007 S Service Rd, West Memphis, AR, 72301


We are proud to have the following guests this year.

Writer Guest of Honor
Les Johnson

Science Guests of Honor

Proclamation Studies

Jon Peters & Jessica MacNeil

Gaming Guest of Honor
Greg Davis

Cosplay Guest of Honor
Ginger Oh Snap

SCA Guest of Honor
Duke Sir Valens

Artist Guest
Peter Melonas

Returning Guest
Natasha McAllister
H. David Blalock
Tommy Hancock
Robert Krog
John Fulton
Rickie DiLeonardo
Mitch Foust
Amada Buchanan
Aubrey Stephens
M.R. Williamson
Allan Gilbreath
Beth Kitchen
Memphis Amtgard
Mid-South Buccaneers
Brain Trust
Real World Games
Mystic River
Paranormal Investigators


We love us some gamin' at ShadowCon. Are you interested in running a game? Contact Stephen!


Are you a merchant looking for a table? Contact Merchantcrat Ron Jennings!

Here is the Shadowcon Dealer's Form in PDF format.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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